Welcome to one of the fastest-growing communities in the province! 2011 census data identified Niverville as THE fastest growing community at that time. As you’ll see on this route, rapid development continues.

This is a super runner-friendly community. A third of this route is on trails and another third on sidewalks. We loved the trails in the new Fifth Avenue Estates development, along the 311 highway and Crown Valley Road. Our thanks to Niverville runner, Ben Dueck of Canterra Leadership for coaching us in the development of this Route.

Niverville is also the home of GORP clean energy bars, founded by Mompreneur and triathlete Colleen Dyck. How cool that they’ve agreed to support our Village Run series finishers with some tasty adventure food!

If you get off-track, remember that in this town, avenues go north/south and streets east/west.

Ice cream option: DQ is at the corner of the #311 and Krahn Road. You’ll run right by it.


From Steinbach, head west on the #52 to the #59 highway, north on the #59 to the #311, and west on the #311 to Niverville. In town, turn left on 5th Avenue across from Bigway Foods. 1 km south on 5th, turn right at the sign for Hespeler Park. Parking lot is on your right.


Start your run at the picnic shelter and follow the trail northwest toward the bike skills park. The trail comes out on 4th Street where you turn left, then right on 2nd Avenue. Follow that past the Heritage Centre back to the #311 highway and turn left on the sidewalk. Follow this across the CP Rail tracks, then left to connect to the trail on the south side of the highway. If your feeling competitive, you’re on a Strava Segment all the way to the DQ.

After the gas station and Tim Horton’s, turn left on the Krahn Road sidewalk and follow that to St. Andrews Way. Follow St. Andrews through the new development all the way around until it rejoins Krahn, then turn left. At Crown Valley Road, turn left on the trail on the north side of the road and follow that east. Cross the tracks, and join the Crow Wing trail on your left, continuing parallel to Crown Valley Road. Where the trail swings left, go straight across the grass to join the Hespeler Park driveway. Cross the parking lot and then join Crown Valley Road again, always continuing east. Cross 5th Avenue, then turn left on Claremont into the new Fifth Avenue Estates development.

Run north on Claremont, take the first right, then immediately left to join the path beside the pond. The path comes out on Breckenridge. Turn left, then right on Hampton. Follow Hampton all the way around until you see the play structure and amphitheater on your left. Turn left and join the trail around the pond. Follow the trail back to the sidewalk on Hampton and turn right. Take the second exit from the roundabout, which is Hampton, to continue east, back to 5th. Cross 5th and you’re back at the soccer park and your car.

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Literally miles of trails in Niverville.


We have visited several different communities in our region and enjoyed exploring their origins. One thing they share is that they have been established on land that was home to the Ojibway First Nations people until treaties arranged for these people to relocate to reserves. Perhaps those of us whose families settled here within the last 150 years should see ourselves as guests on this land.

Named Prairie Rose, this settlement was in an area not initially well-suited to growing wheat. In fact the historical Ste. Anne’s Road detoured south around the area to avoid the swampy land. However, drainage projects such as the Seine River Diversion of 1960 greatly improved the potential for profitable agriculture. (Source: Michael Penner’s The Formation of Landmark)

As you’ll observe on this route, today grain can be grown here, and farming now provides the livelihood for many residents and a diverse range of business enterprises.


From Steinbach, head west on the #52 to the #206 highway, then drive north for 9 miles to Landmark. We suggest continuing north on Main Street and parking at Co-op and Joe’s Family restaurant.


Start off running south on Main Street past Co-op. Continue until you see a path heading off to your right just past the Tache Fire Hall. Follow that path, turn left in the trees, then follow the path west across 1st St., 2nd St., into Poplar Bay, then turn right. Follow the street north to First Avenue and turn right. Run straight ahead across Main Street, swing south on what becomes 2nd St. E, and at Penner Driver turn left. Follow that dirt road as it turns south-east past the grain field. This connects back to Road 45, or Robert Koop Road. Turn right back toward town, past the arena and soccer fields on your left. Turn right on 1st St. E. and follow this north onto the path through the park. On the north side of the park, go left on Centre Ave, then cross Main Street and head north on the sidewalk to return to the car.

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Those who regularly travel the #52 highway west of Steinbach, or only visit the arena in this town, may be surprised to find that more than 2,500 people call Mitchell home (Stats Can, 2016 Census). But the “Mitchell from Space” image at right shows many homes are south of the highway. Some neat running exploring opportunities there.

Examination of an 1870’s map of the Russian Mennonite East Reserve shows two settlements in this area: Vollwerk and Reichenbach.

Click the map for the full East Reserve map.
Mitchell from Space

As a means of assimilating Mennonite settlers into Canadian culture, the government built schools and gave school districts English names. A commemorative sign across from Co-op marks the site of the original Mitchell school built in 1919. You might remember the school house in its more recent role as the Ham Dog House.

Having drawn its name from a school district, it is clear 100 years later that Mitchell continues to emphasize children and family when developing the community. This route highlights the two schools and many recreation areas in town, following some of the many foot paths that connect the town.


From Steinbach, Mitchell is a quick three miles west on the #52 highway. We have been invited to park at Mitchell Express Foods on Centre Street. This is then where you’ll want to grab ice cream or a cold drink after the run.


From the corner of Centre and the #52 highway, run west on the grass, keeping the ditch between you and the traffic. This is a bit off-camber, but it’s only 200 meters. Turn left and cross the highway to Center Street South. Less than 100 meters south, join the path on the west (your right) side of Center. Take the second right onto Oakenwald Crescent and follow it west, then north. Where Oakenwald turns east, go straight on the gravel path to return to the highway and turn right toward the crosswalk. Cross to Ash Street and almost immediately go left on Maple. Turn right on Willow and follow it straight ahead onto the path toward Mitchell Elementary School. Run straight ahead on Third in front of the school, then left on Walnut. Right on Peters Lane, then right on Neufeld, then look for the path on your left to get to the school yard for the Mitchell Middle School. Turn left on the path and follow it all the way around the school yard.(Remember junior high when you were really fast?) Stay on the north edge of the school property and follow the path that connects to Norwood Bay. Follow Norwood to Ash, then right and run down to Walnut and turn left. From Walnut go left on the path (across from Elm) to Stahn Field and follow the path past the ball diamonds and washrooms, across the parking lot onto Ebenfeld and turn right. Right on Walnut and follow that back to Ash and turn left. Go south and then turn left at the arena, cross the parking lot and follow the path past the tennis courts to connect back to Elm Street and turn right. Back at Oakview, turn left, then finally right on Center to return to the car and ice cream.

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One of many paths connecting the schools and parks in Mitchell.


This community is named on a CP Rail map dating back to 1876. Though only 15 families are identified in voting records for the settlement that year, the community subsequently grew rapidly and by 1891 included regular train service, a telegraph, grain mill and elevator, grocery store, post office, hotel, cheese factory, blacksmith, an agricultural machinery dealer, and a school. (Source: Centre du patrimoine)

In 1912 the Clercs de St. Viateur of Montreal constructed a 3-story building which served as an orphanage until 1954. The Roman Catholic church then used this as a secondary school known as St. Joseph College until 1967. In 1970 the property was acquired by Winnipeg Bible College, who we now know as Providence University College & Theological Seminary. (Source: Manitoba Historical Society)


While this Route is farther from Steinbach than any posted so far, we think you’ll find the 22-minute drive worthwhile. From Steinbach, drive west on the #52 to the #59 highway, then turn left. After driving two miles south on the #59, you’ll see the green sign indicating Providence University College at the next right turn. Follow Road 34N just over two miles east, then turn left on the Providence main driveway. Park on their main lot on your left.

While classes at Providence University College do not resume until fall, President Dr. David Johnson has welcomed Village Runners to park on campus to start their tour of Otterburne.


Starting from the tower, run south on the foot path to connect to the campus road, turn right and follow the road around toward the trees and river. As the road swings right, step off the left side of the road onto the grass of the disc golf course and follow it around the bend in the river. Join Main Street and take the path across the bridge and past Canada Post. Turn left on Avenue St. Viateur, then right on Rue Ducharme, then left where it ends. Follow this gravel road for 2.3 km, then go left on River Oak Road. Follow River Oak for 1.5 km as it winds past homes tucked into the trees and crosses the Rat River.

Go left on Rat River Road for 3.5 km past the Schreimer Family Farm. Cross the Morin Seed driveway and turn left on the Providence driveway. Run past the new College residence on your left and the Reimer center on your right, then turn right on the foot path to return to the tower.

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Main Street Otterburne is on the Crow Wing Trail.


This week we invite you to historical Gruenfeld, now known as Kleefeld. More on the history of this community is available in the well-written Wikipedia article here.

This is the town that celebrates the Honey Festival each summer. Though the festival is cancelled for 2020, the Kleefeld Honey Run 5k run is still scheduled. Mark your calendar for September 19 and register for the race. Veronica English, race organizer, tells us a competitive field shows up each year to run this flat course for bragging rights, and honey.

Try this route to explore the streets of your next 5k PR.

If you’re looking for something a bit longer and partly off-road, our Bonus Route is at the bottom of this page.


Less than 15 minutes from Steinbach, Kleefeld is straight west on the #52 for 8 miles. Turn south on the #216 and drive 2 miles, then one more block and turn right on Park Avenue. The Recreation Centre parking lot on your left is where the running begins.


Start running west on Park Avenue, then turn left toward the school. Passing the school, look across Friesen Avenue just a bit to your left for the entrance to a gravel trail. Follow the trail as it swings right, turn right at Beechwood Street, then left on the trail to Fourth Street and turn right. Follow Fourth north to College Avenue and turn right. College Avenue will take you back to the #216 where you turn left on the path beside the highway. Left on Clover through the residential development, and right on Lee Drive to connect to Road 35 or Gruenfeld road and turn right. Right on the #216 and follow this all the way back to Park Avenue, using the trail on the west side of the highway where available. The Strava Route guides you through the park to Friesen, then back across the ball diamonds to your car.

For the ice cream-motivated: Happy Earl’s Dawg House is not open Sundays, so make sure to come a different day or evening.

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Can you spot this sign on the Route?

Our 15k Bonus Route includes the Tourond Creek Discovery Centre. No need to complete this one to qualify for the running jersey draw. We just got carried away and found this picturesque creek-side trail irresistible. Depending on how recent the last rain, you may need to hop some puddles.

Ste. Anne

We were excited to discover such picturesque running trails in Ste. Anne. Special thanks to Operations Manager John Desrochers for welcoming us to run in town. He explained that the town plans further development of this promising trail network. Ste. Anne is a beautiful town with a bilingual heritage, rich history, prairie to the west, beginnings of the Canadian shield on the east and the Seine River running right through the middle.

Enjoy the tour!

In Ste. Anne, one must also acknowledge the current and historical role of rail in connecting our huge country. We urge special vigilance to safely cross both uncontrolled rail crossings on this route.



15 kilometres north of Steinbach on the #12 highway, take the #210 east into the town of Ste. Anne. We suggest parking at Clearview Co-op.


From Co-op, run east down Central Avenue. Watch for Vicky’s Drive-In on the right: We are pretty sure recovery ice-cream is a thing. After the church, take the foot path on your right and cross the Emile Champagne bridge into the park. Left on Smith to return to Central Avenue where you turn right. Right on Finnigan, then watch for a new trail on your left just before the bridge. This trail returns to Finnigan where you turn left, then immediately right on Seine Road. Follow this west for almost 2 km. Watch for the rail crossing at about the half-way point. Back at the #210, or Traverse Road, turn right and run north along the shoulder, cross the bridge, then take the first left on Langevin. Follow that around until turning right into Gagnier Bay and running straight ahead to the rail crossing. After the tracks, run on the sidewalk back to your car. And Vicky’s.

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Emile Champagne bridge


This run explores the old and the new. While the original Russian Mennonite village site from 1874 is about a mile away, farmers of the region built a cheese factory in 1932 on the ridge which is at the centre of the town as we know it today. Commerce continues to fuel growth of this community that is home to an unusual number of entrepreneurs. In recent years, numerous homes have been built on the south side of town around the school and community centre.


Driving north from Steinbach on highway #12, turn left on the #311 into Blumenort, then right on Penner Drive. One block north is JT’s Diner on the left side. This is a good spot to park and great option for breakfast or refreshment after the run.

JT's Diner


Start at JT’s and run north on Penner Drive. Turn left on 4th, follow it for a block, left on Lilac, immediately right on 3rd and down the hill to Oakdale. After the first driveway on the right, turn right on the paved path past the playground. Look for a bridge on your right. We have permission from Tim to cross his bridge and run through his yard to join the highway. Turn right on the sidewalk and follow it to the crosswalk at School Blvd. The route will guide you past the school, the community centre, the newer homes in town, and back to the highway. Back on the highway (sidewalk, that is), look for a paved path turning north just across from the Steve’s Livestock driveway. Follow that back to the playground, right on Oakdale, left on 1st, right on Lilac, left along the highway to Penner Drive, and north to the finish.

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Blumenort Route

La Broquerie

Well known as the gateway to some great trails in the Sandilands Provincial Forest, this village also offers a scenic running trail through Tetrault Park on the east side of town. For early risers, make this a Saturday morning run before breakfast at the La Broquerie Hotel. Or for a more leisurely approach, this route follows parts of the La Broquerie Historical Trail with a number of interpretive signs that detail the history of the community.

Driving & Parking

Coming from Steinbach on highway #52, turn left on the #302 into town. Drive about 400 meters, cross the tracks, and park at Co-op on the right.


Head south-east along Rue Gauthier parallel to the train tracks, then take the first left on Simard and follow it past the Rural Municipality office. Just past the office, turn left onto the trail. The route will take you through Tetrault park, over the bridge, and onto Quintro Road. Follow this east, then north to join road 36 North, and follow that back west toward town. This joins highway #302, so keep left on the gravel and watch for traffic. Cross the bridge and head south back into town. After about 300 meters, before the first house, turn right onto a trail beside the field that will come out at Balcaen Bay. The route then takes you through some of the residential area and shortly back to Co-op.