Welcome to one of the fastest-growing communities in the province! 2011 census data identified Niverville as THE fastest growing community at that time. As you’ll see on this route, rapid development continues.

This is a super runner-friendly community. A third of this route is on trails and another third on sidewalks. We loved the trails in the new Fifth Avenue Estates development, along the 311 highway and Crown Valley Road. Our thanks to Niverville runner, Ben Dueck of Canterra Leadership for coaching us in the development of this Route.

Niverville is also the home of GORP clean energy bars, founded by Mompreneur and triathlete Colleen Dyck. How cool that they’ve agreed to support our Village Run series finishers with some tasty adventure food!

If you get off-track, remember that in this town, avenues go north/south and streets east/west.

Ice cream option: DQ is at the corner of the #311 and Krahn Road. You’ll run right by it.


From Steinbach, head west on the #52 to the #59 highway, north on the #59 to the #311, and west on the #311 to Niverville. In town, turn left on 5th Avenue across from Bigway Foods. 1 km south on 5th, turn right at the sign for Hespeler Park. Parking lot is on your right.


Start your run at the picnic shelter and follow the trail northwest toward the bike skills park. The trail comes out on 4th Street where you turn left, then right on 2nd Avenue. Follow that past the Heritage Centre back to the #311 highway and turn left on the sidewalk. Follow this across the CP Rail tracks, then left to connect to the trail on the south side of the highway. If your feeling competitive, you’re on a Strava Segment all the way to the DQ.

After the gas station and Tim Horton’s, turn left on the Krahn Road sidewalk and follow that to St. Andrews Way. Follow St. Andrews through the new development all the way around until it rejoins Krahn, then turn left. At Crown Valley Road, turn left on the trail on the north side of the road and follow that east. Cross the tracks, and join the Crow Wing trail on your left, continuing parallel to Crown Valley Road. Where the trail swings left, go straight across the grass to join the Hespeler Park driveway. Cross the parking lot and then join Crown Valley Road again, always continuing east. Cross 5th Avenue, then turn left on Claremont into the new Fifth Avenue Estates development.

Run north on Claremont, take the first right, then immediately left to join the path beside the pond. The path comes out on Breckenridge. Turn left, then right on Hampton. Follow Hampton all the way around until you see the play structure and amphitheater on your left. Turn left and join the trail around the pond. Follow the trail back to the sidewalk on Hampton and turn right. Take the second exit from the roundabout, which is Hampton, to continue east, back to 5th. Cross 5th and you’re back at the soccer park and your car.

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Literally miles of trails in Niverville.