We have visited several different communities in our region and enjoyed exploring their origins. One thing they share is that they have been established on land that was home to the Ojibway First Nations people until treaties arranged for these people to relocate to reserves. Perhaps those of us whose families settled here within the last 150 years should see ourselves as guests on this land.

Named Prairie Rose, this settlement was in an area not initially well-suited to growing wheat. In fact the historical Ste. Anne’s Road detoured south around the area to avoid the swampy land. However, drainage projects such as the Seine River Diversion of 1960 greatly improved the potential for profitable agriculture. (Source: Michael Penner’s The Formation of Landmark)

As you’ll observe on this route, today grain can be grown here, and farming now provides the livelihood for many residents and a diverse range of business enterprises.


From Steinbach, head west on the #52 to the #206 highway, then drive north for 9 miles to Landmark. We suggest continuing north on Main Street and parking at Co-op and Joe’s Family restaurant.


Start off running south on Main Street past Co-op. Continue until you see a path heading off to your right just past the Tache Fire Hall. Follow that path, turn left in the trees, then follow the path west across 1st St., 2nd St., into Poplar Bay, then turn right. Follow the street north to First Avenue and turn right. Run straight ahead across Main Street, swing south on what becomes 2nd St. E, and at Penner Driver turn left. Follow that dirt road as it turns south-east past the grain field. This connects back to Road 45, or Robert Koop Road. Turn right back toward town, past the arena and soccer fields on your left. Turn right on 1st St. E. and follow this north onto the path through the park. On the north side of the park, go left on Centre Ave, then cross Main Street and head north on the sidewalk to return to the car.

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