Village Runs is a series of running routes set up in some of the small towns in Southeast Manitoba. Many of the larger organized runs and triathlons in the area were cancelled because of COVID-19. We miss the motivation and community those events provided. So we thought this up to provide an alternative.


Scroll right or left to see all the routes posted summer of 2020.

There are miles of runner-friendly trails and sidewalks in this growing town.
Prairie Rose has flourished on land once thought only suitable for growing …
More to this family-oriented community than meets the eye.
Explore this historic CP Rail stop starting at Providence University College campus.
Explore the streets of your next 5k PR.
Ste. Anne
Brand new trails on the Seine River.
Old and New. Highway and Trails. Flat and Hills.
La Broquerie
Well known as the gateway to some great trails in the Sandilands …


Distances are between 5k and 10k. Routes are about highlighting the village and avoiding traffic where possible. Each route is provided as a Strava route. Follow the route and post your run.

More detailed instructions are provided here.

We are Terry Penner and Pat Martens. We’ve been running in the area for years and thought up this idea to connect local runners with a common experience and showcase some of the interesting running close to home.

We’ve had a great summer designing these routes, connecting with local runners and exploring new trails. We’re thinking about extending this into the fall or next year. If you have ideas to improve or extend this for the community, we’d love to hear from you at

Disclaimer: While running is generally a healthy activity, we encourage you to dress for the weather, watch your footing on new trails, pay attention to traffic, and follow current guidelines on social distancing.